McKenna Banes- [1]

Name: Damien Grimwald    

Age: 18

Department: Music

Major: Music education 

Year: Freshman 

Face Claim: Tyler Posey

"Water kills."


Drowning Power that lets the endowed person drown others and bend all water, even if there are no bodies of water nearby.


The water has always been what Damien knew. He lived in a small costal house with his father and mother. Some of his first memories involve his mom teaching him how to swim in the ocean while his dad was at work. Damien’s father was a fisherman and was also an endowed man. He had Grace and Luck, which made every single one of his fishing trips a success and put food on the table for his family. When Damien was twelve, things began to change. He’s began to show signs of his endowment. If Damien was in a bad mood, the small little beach by their house would flood or water would suddenly rush into their home. Damien was a drowner and it made both his parents very afraid of him. 

Damien’s father used to be gone for day’s at a time and Damien resented the man for it. Even when he was home, his dad didn’t take on much of a fatherly role. To him all he needed to do was provide for his family financially, but Damien craved to be closer to the man. On his thirteenth birthday Damien’s father promised his son that he would take him fishing, but when Damien woke up at dawn the man had  already left for a three week work trip down the coast. Damien ran to the docks a block away and could see the boat just on the horizon. Anger filled Damien and before he knew it the waters were looking extremely dangerous. The waves were huge and rocking all the boats in the water. Damien tried to control himself, but he felt the tears coming and before he knew it, a large wave swept over the boat and drowned Damien’s father and the crew while also injuring many other people who were out that day.

Since the incident, Damien’s mother has moved Damien inland and away from any large bodies of water, but it doesn’t stop Damien’s endowment. When angry he still causes the house to flood or for water fountains to blow up and spout water all over the place. Damien’s mother essentially hates her son and due to the hostility in the home, Damien left as soon as he could. He took a scholarship to Bloor’s and hasn’t looked back since. At Bloor’s Damien is in therapy with an endowed counselor who is helping him control his anger. Damien has caused a bit of ruckus on campus when he made the lake on campus to flood the whole area. Whenever he can, Damien goes swimming in the lake because he finds being immersed in water soothes him and helps him better understand his endowment. Damien is scared of his endowment and desperately wants to control it, but like the sea his emotions are unpredictable and sometimes deadly.

Other information:

  • Damien attends therapy sessions on campus to help deal with his emotions. 
  • Damien will live at the school year round and will not return home on breaks, even summer.

The role of Damien Grimwald is open.

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